Here's a taste of Shimmy in action, from festivals to house concerts to a living room. For more vids, please visit our Youtube channel here.

We were honored to have a group of dancers arrange choreography to our spin on Ray Charles' "I Don't Need No Doctor." After months rehearsing to our album recording, at the 2015 Montreal Mmm Blues dance exchange they gave the debut performance as we played the song alongside them for the first time.

One morning on tour after waking up in Montreal....

On one hot steamy summer night in July The Downtown Shimmy heated things up even more for the dancers of Nocturne Blues. Hosted by Blues Dance New York, this annual dance festival was held in the elegant hall of the 92nd Street Y where the band is seen here cooking things up with John Lee Hooker's classic Boom Boom.

The band arrived in Montreal to the aftermath of a snowstorm which this winter invincible city had cleaned up in no time. For us "southerners," it was bone-numbingly cold outside that night, but we got things heated up real quick after taking to the stage at the Katacombes. 

House concerts simply do not get any finer than Front Street House Concerts. The stage is set in a beautiful old barn whose slate roof, weathered shingles, and wooden rafters are straight out of a Rockwell painting. The doors open up to a tree lined yard where the audience sprawls out under a country sky. It's a miniature Tanglewood.

We had so much fun playing Mmm Blues in Montreal on our recent tour through Canada. If there's any doubt, just watch this vid, which catches the last couple minutes of a band original